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About Me

Here you can read a couple of information about Idea Hombre.

Hi! Idea Hombre is a personal blog managed by me only. I’m sharing my experience and advice, so you can learn about make money blogging, finance, fashion, lifestyle, and more.⁣ You will find here a daily dose of interesting information and entertainment.

I’m a young guy with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. Currently, I started another year at university to get a Master’s Degree in Finance. However, I don’t think that I want to spend the rest of my life in the office and work form 9-5 or even more with overtime. If you are familiar with accounting or consulting, you probably heard about Big 4 companies. Yes, I worked in one of these companies for a while and decided to quit.

I am aspiring to become a digital nomad, travel the world, and work with using my laptop and on the way. I am constantly improving myself and my equipment. My old broken laptop I changed to a brand new MacBook Pro 16 with good specs. I am feeling an enormous difference and I believe that thanks to that I will create better content for you.


In the beginning, I struggled with almost everything and there were a couple of times when I wanted to quit this. However, over time I started to like it and become very passionate about what I am doing. To be honest, every small thing that I achieve makes me happy and makes me do more.

I started learning new things that I’ve never done before, or I’ve done and want to develop. I want to create and do stuff and constantly set new goals and share my experience with you. In my plans, I am willing to learn everything about digital marketing, social media, and much more.


Watch my videos, read my blog posts, and be active on my social media to see my progress and things that I do to achieve goals.

You can also check here my company Portfolio to know my business sources and get information about what I am doing.

Also, I want to thank you for being here, for growing with me, and for following along on my journey.

Sharing is caring!