Designing my website with Wordpress
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Designing my website with WordPress

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The beginnings are always hard, but the more you practice the easier it will get. In the beginning, I had no idea, that I will be struggling with my website that long. I spent almost all day to find the perfect theme, good widget, plugins, and learn how to use them. I watched a lot of tutorials on the internet and learned a lot from them. Despite my difficulties, I think that WordPress is one of the easiest website builders that you will find on the internet and a lot of big companies use it to design their websites.

Here are some useful things that can help you in designing your website:

  • Find the best theme that fits your content
  • Add a page about yourself or company, it depends on what will be on our website
  • Synchronize your website with Social Media so people could check you there
  • Give them an opportunity to contact you, so create a new page where they can send a message to you
  • It’s required by law that on your website has to have information about the Privacy policy, Terms and Condition and cookies so don’t forget about this. When you want to make money off your website from Advertising, then Advertising companies pay attention to that.
  • Make sure that every picture that you upload is in good quality and fits your site.
  • I think that the last thing that you have to do is to make on your website easy access to everything, so it will help your readers or customers, move on your website.

After all, I am so happy that I made my first website and it looks pretty awesome to me. Here is the video where I’m showing you how I designed my website, maybe you will learn something new. Video is shorter than the time I spend on creating but check it out.

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Designing my website with WordPress

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