How Is A Tattoo Done? Step By Step Tattoo Guide.

How Is A Tattoo Done? Step By Step Tattoo Guide.

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The first tattoo is still ahead of you? Want a tattoo but have no idea how to get one at all? Why do people get tattooed? Are you afraid of pain? What Are The Popular Mistakes When Getting A Tattoo? Relax, it’s not that scary. You will find out everything here.

How Is A Tattoo Done? Step By Step Tattoo Guide.

Why do people get a tattoo?

A tattoo can have several meanings. Some people tattoo because tattoos are fashionable now. Some people get tattooed because it is their way of expressing themselves, for others it is a message sent to society. There are many intentions. Recently, the most interesting for many people are celebrity tattoos, thanks to them, many people get inspiration to get tattoos for themself. Some celebrities hide these tattoos from the world, others are proud of them and are eager to talk about them.

How Is A Tattoo Done? Step By Step Tattoo Guide.

Are you afraid of pain? Does getting tattoos hurt?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, there are very few people who do not experience discomfort during a tattoo session. The level of pain depends on the individual sensitivity of the person as well as the place on the skin where the tattoo is done. The vast majority of tattooed people confirm that pain occurred during tattooing. Some speak of mild pain, others moderate pain, others very severe. The least painful is tattooing on the thighs or stomach. However, where there are thin skin and less fat, the pain is greater.

#1 Decide what kind of tattoo you want to have and where it will be tattooed on your body

Choosing a pattern is very important as this drawing will stay with us for life. Your tattoo should mean something to you and suit you, so it’s worth thinking about how you will feel with it in a few years. Let it be a mature decision.

There are several places that may evoke negative associations. It’s worth asking yourself Do we want it to be visible?

Below is a list of the places of the body with a tattoo that define a person:

Back – a person who wants to be perceived as sexy or handsome;
Neck – a person with an artistic soul;
Shoulder – a strong, muscular, courageous person;
Chest – a person bold, but also bold;
Ribs – a romantic person;
Wrist – a person with a life message, with rules;
Foot – a hidden person.

In choosing a pattern and location, the internet comes as inspiration. In fact, most of the tattoos that are done make their way to the web, so there’s plenty to choose from!

#2 Choosing a tattoo artist and a tattoo parlor

When we put ourselves in the hands of a person who will make a permanent painting on our body, we should be sure about his skills and style. She should have a school graduation certificate, training, a long experience of work as a tattoo artist, and a rich portfolio! A tattoo artist should know exactly how to get a tattoo. It is worth checking whether your dream pattern fits in with what a given specialist does. Good tattoo artists are in great demand and waiting for a free date is at least a few months.

The key importance of choosing a tattoo parlor is also the “first impression” and the atmosphere created by employees. Follow the research and certificates of the tattoo parlor and reviews on online forums. Recommendations from people you know and who were satisfied with the procedure are also very important.

#3 The reflection of a painted pattern on the body

When the pattern is ready, it’s time to disinfect the area of the tattoo. The first stage of tattooing itself is transferring the drawing to the body. When you put a sheet of paper, for example on your hand, lines will be reflected, which will later help in work. At this point, you have to think carefully about whether the arrangement of the pattern suits you. There will be no turning back later. Then the tattoo artist outlines the motif on the most important lines with a special tracing paper. He will highlight the details and all the elements that he will not tattoo by looking at the picture only. The matter of good understanding between the client and the tattooer is essential!

#4 Preparation of the necessary equipment

Getting a tattoo sometimes takes up to several hours, so a comfortable seat is important for everything to run smoothly and without problems. Before the tattooing, the artist will prepare a chair for you, on which you can sit or lie down comfortably. The tattoo artist will make a tattoo with a special machine with a needle, dipping it in the ink. Additionally, it will have the products you need to care for your tattoo while doing and right after.

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#5 Tattooing

After the pattern is mirrored and placed comfortably in the armchair, the artist starts his work. Tattooing begins when the tattoo artist pours the ink into small containers so that it is convenient for him to dip the needles of the razor in them. If there are strong visible contours, they will first be torn with black ink. Then shadows are applied and all-black elements are tattooed. After applying black ink, it’s time to color. Of course, this stage does not apply to those graphics that are only in shades of black.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can be done in one or more sessions. It is important to remain still during tattooing and talk if we need a break or feel unwell. Of course, during these few hours, you will have some short breaks to rest for a while. It is also worth taking some energy and a bar with you because they are helpful in moments when you feel weak. While you work, you may see droplets of blood on your body, but don’t worry, that’s normal and doesn’t suggest anything wrong. The tattoo artist will smear the skin with petroleum jelly and wash it with a disinfectant.

#6 Finished tattoo

After the tattoo is finished, the artist will thoroughly wash your new tattoo of excess ink. He will take a few photos and then the drawing will be smeared with petroleum jelly and secured with foil or a paper towel – the method of protection depends on the preferences of the tattoo artist. It is up to the client to take proper care of the tattoo, but each tattoo artist will provide instructions on how to proceed with a fresh tattoo.

What is important? Lubricating and moisturizing it with ointment. The healing process takes about two weeks. It will surely come off your skin, it will be itchy. Try not to tear off the scabs, peel off the epidermis, and not to scratch, at least not in the first days. Also, remember to lubricate the wound with a suitable cream. In summer, when the sun is warming you up, it’s good to have something to put on the foil. If you don’t, a fresh tattoo in contact with the sun’s rays can burn quite a lot, which is quite painful.

Common Mistakes

  1. Don’t cut cost – Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good. Too many times people choose an artist based on price. This should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting tattoos.
  2. Drunk tattoos – One of the dumbest and biggest tattoo mistakes known in the tattoo industry. Being drunk reduces your inhibitions and increases the chances of you doing something impulsive and stupid.
  3. Being Impulsive – The tattoos that are done at the moment are usually the ones that are covered or removed first. It’s better to think about it a bit rather than live with the pain of grief or removal surgery.
  4. Not caring for a tattoo – as I mentioned before, a tattoo that has just been done needs to be taken care of. It should be moisturized and cared for to keep its freshness for a few years.
  5. Not doing allergy tests for ink
  6. Choosing the wrong tattoo artist
  7. Too many tattoos – There is no such thing as too many tattoos. Just a tangle of random tattoos is sometimes bad.


How Is A Tattoo Done? Step By Step Tattoo Guide.

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