Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

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Comparing the month of July to the previous month I have better statistics on my Idea Hombre Music Youtube channel. I am quite satisfied with the results that I have because it is a small channel with few subscribers. At the end of the month of July, I had 76 subscribers.

YouTube Analytics Summary – July 2020

In my analytics, I will show you the most important indicators and results that I think everyone should pay the most attention to look at when running a YouTube channel.

In the month of July, I generated 324 views (June – 86 views). I uploaded only five videos at the end of the month and thanks to these videos I got many views during this period.

As you can see in a picture down below these views generated 7,3 hours of watch time (June – 0,9 hours of watch time). In July I also got 57 new subscribers, which is awesome is 47 more than in the previous month (May – 10 new subscribers).

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

Reach – Impressions, Traffic source types, External traffic sources

Here I will show you my statistics about reach. These statistics will show you how your videos were displayed. This month I generated only 1.9 k impressions and this is about 248% more than in the previous month (June – 520 Impressions). If we compare these impressions to impressions from Twitter or Pinterest we see that on YouTube is very little. I know that this is of course my fault because I only uploaded 5 videos. However, with 94 videos on my channel, I hoped that it can give me more. Also, I think that the reason why I have such a small amount of impression is because of tags and titles on my videos. As I mentioned in my previous YouTube analytics post, I know that I have to go deeper with that, learn more about it, and improve it.

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

The next statistics are traffic sources. Here you can find where you get your audience the most. As you may notice the source that generated me the most traffic was an External source and that is about 57,1%. In my previous post about this section, the most traffic source was also External with 40,7%. Browse features decreased from 19,8 % of my audience to 2,8 %. Channel pages from 14 % increase to 17,6%. The rest is not that significant, however some of these traffic source types increased like YouTube search and suggested videos.

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

As we can see about the External traffic source. We may notice that Twitter was the best external traffic source with 77,8%. In the previous month, Twitter also was the best source but get me 91,4%. I think that my Twitter strategy working very well, it gets me a lot of new subscribers and beside of that lot of views and engagements. I am really glad about that, however, I would like to get more views and traffics strictly from YouTube search and not all from other platforms.

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020

Audience – Top countries

The audience change from the previous month surprisingly. In June the top country that watches my videos was the United States with 15,1% of all audiences. Now in July, the USA disappeared and a top country became Japan having 28,1% of my all audience. The United States is a very big country and I hope that in the future, people from the US will come back. However, I am really happy that people from Japan watching my videos, because it is also a big country and I believe that Japan’s audience will be bigger in the next month.

Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020


To sum up, the statistics get better from the previous month. Of course, my statistics could be better, however, I think that I improved my tactics and I believe that in the next month I will generate a similar increase. The most views, subscribers, and the audience came from Twitter. I am really happy that people from Twitter came to my YouTube channel, however, I would like to generate more traffics and views mostly by YouTube search and YouTube browse features.

As I mentioned in my previous May and June YouTube Analytics post, growing on YouTube is very hard. I had to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to get monetized. I don’t know what is the hardest part, get 1000 subscribers or get 4000 hours of watch time. If I want to achieve that big amount of hours I think that I have to have one video to will blown away and give me a lot of views. I know that I have to improve my videos with better titles and tags to get more impressions and views.

Goals in July for Idea Hombre Music YouTube channel

Views – now 86 – (Goal 150) – Succeeded (324)

Watch time (hours) – now 0,9h (Goal 2h) – Succeeded (7,3h)

New subscribers – now +10 (Goal +15) – Succeeded (+57)

Impressions – now 520 (Goal 2000) – Not Succeeded (1,9k) – Almost

Goals in August for Idea Hombre Music YouTube channel

Views – now 324 – (Goal 350)

Watch time (hours) – now 7,3h (Goal 9h)

New subscribers – now +57 (Goal +50)

Impressions – now 1,9k (Goal 3000)


A link to my Idea Hombre Music YouTube channel.

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Idea Hombre Music YouTube Analytics – July 2020


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