Idea Hombre Pinterest Analytics – May 2020

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Analytics overview

The month of May was pretty successful in my Idea Hombre Pinterest account. It is just beginnings with my journey on Pinterest, so my statistics are not so big. Despite that, I think the scores are satisfying to me.

Impressions, Total Audience, Engagements, Engaged Audience

Let’s start with the main page of analytics. As we can see in this picture below I gained 2.94 k impressions and it is 8 % more than the month of April. The total audience was equal to 2.11 k, engagements 65, and engaged audience 55. All of these three last indicators decreased, but above all that I think that they are not so important.

Idea Hombre Pinterest Analytics - May 2020

Link Clicks

Link clicks are the most important indicator that I want to look at. This shows how many people go to your website. Currently, in the month of May, I had only 3 link clicks to my website. It is not a lot, but comparing to the number of pins that I have got on Pinterest I think it is good.

Idea Hombre Pinterest Analytics - May 2020


The next important indicator for me is Saves. I think the more people could publish my content on their profiles the more link clicks and traffic to my website I could get. During the month of May, I have got 3 saves of my pins.

Idea Hombre Pinterest Analytics - May 2020

Top Pins

When you want to see statistics you can get plenty of options to see in which area your pins were great. To me, there are two main areas that I want to look at when I analyze my pins. As you can see there is no one awsome pin that generates me a lot of link clicks or saves. You can only notice that the pin called “Cute girl” gave me more saves.

Audience Insight

Age and Gender

As you can see I have a very young audience and the majority of them were women. Most people that watched my content on Pinterest were people age between 18 to 24 and it is about 43% of all my audience.

Audience Location

As you may notice people that saw my pins came from the United States and it is about 10%. I happy about that, because in the future when a lot of Americans clicks on my pins and goes to my website then I could make more money. The reason why people located in the USA could generate to my website more money I think that I will explain one day in another blog post. But in shortcut, I can tell you that it is associated with AdSense.

Idea Hombre Pinterest Analytics - May 2020


To sum up I think that in the month of May I made a little progress I gained a lot of impressions on Pinterest and learned a lot about Pinterest Analytics and how to improve my statistics. I believe that next month will be better.

Right now I am not approved by AdSense, because my website doesn’t have enough blog posts. I started writing a lot of valuable content, so in the future, I could start to monetize my website and I hope that it will happen in the month of July and I could finally make some money from my Google AdSense.

Here is a link to my IdeaHombre Pinterest Profile.

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