Idea Hombre Twitter Analytics – August 2020

Idea Hombre Twitter Analytics – August 2020

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Continuing my monthly analytics of social media profiles, now it is time for Twitter. I will tell you just right now, that in the month of August, I had worse results than in July. Some of the indicators increased some decreased. By the end of the month of August, I had 3,853 followers on Twitter. However, let’s read this post and in the end, I will share with you my thoughts and conclusions.

Twitter Analytics Summary –August 2020

In the month of August, I posted 48 tweets. In my previous analytics for July, I had 151 tweets, you may see that it decreased. The reason why I posted, fewer tweets is that I had to focus on other social platforms – Pinterest. In conclusion, I will tell you why, so keep reading. In August I went back to focus more on increasing my followers and not about tweets. Next thing that, you can see in the picture down below that I generated 21.1k tweets impressions comparing it with May it’s about 10k less. I had also 3,060 Profile visits (July – 3,936), 22 Mentions (July – 23), and 930 New followers (July – 819).

Idea Hombre Twitter Analytics – August 2020

In the screenshot below you can see that during this period I gained 602 impressions per day. Most impressions I got in the middle of the month because, I followed a lot of people so they came to my profile. Thanks to that my impression and new followers increased.

Idea Hombre Twitter Analytics – August 2020

Link Clicks, Retweets, Likes, Replies

The most important engagement indicator to me is link clicks. Of course, others are very important too. However, link clicks showing me how much people click in my content to see more. Thanks to that I can see how many times people comming back to my website. In the month of August as you can see I generated 56 link clicks to my content (July – 42 link clicks), Retweets decreased now I have 39, in July I had 55. Likes also decreased in August I had 175 (July – 344 likes). Replies didn’t change significantly in August I generated 2 (July – 6 replies).

Idea Hombre Twitter Analytics – August 2020


During the month of August, I didn’t make significant progress. I gained a lot of followers. Thanks to that I believe that in the future when I post more tweets I will generate more engagements, for instance, link clicks. I am trying to make progress month by month so I think that in September I will make better results. In August I posted a small number of tweets because I had to focus more on Pinterest. Soon you will see my Pinterest analytics for August.

My Strategy on Twitter.

I am constantly improving my strategy on Twitter when I see what I can do better. Then in the new post, I am making some corrections when I have some.

At the moment I am trying to every 30 minutes write 13 messages to new followers, then I follow 30 new profiles (mostly related to YouTube) – 300 following a day. Twitter blocks you when you do more because of spam. Twitter allows me to send 1,000 messages per day, so I decided to send around 200 per day to my followers on twitter where I tell them to subscribe to my youtube channel. I started to do it by the end of June and I saw that some people subscribed to my channel. However it’s not to increase followers on twitter, but to increase subscribers on YouTube. Soon I will also show you in my next blog post my YouTube statistics. I realized that this is a cool thing that I can do then I can add it to my strategy and I am doing this for a while and I see small progress.

Goals in August for Twitter

While ago I decided to create a goal list for every social media account to see if I can achieve the goals that I want for the next month. Now it’s time to see whether my predictions were correct.

Followers in July 2,923 – (Goal 3,400) – Succeeded (3,853)

Link clicks in July 42 – (Goal 50) – Succeeded (56)

Retweets in July 55 – (Goal 50) – Not Succeeded (39)

Likes in July 344 (Goal 250) – Not Succeeded (175)

Replies in July 6 (Goal 8) – Not Succeeded (2)

Goals in September for Twitter

Followers now 3,853 – (Goal 4,400)

Link clicks now 56 – (Goal 60)

Retweets now 39 – (Goal 50)

Likes now 175 (Goal 250)

Replies now 2 (Goal 8)


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My Idea Hombre Twitter Profile.

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